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    INDY DPS, IMPD P25 changes and HP-1 hit failure

    About a week ago, 3 separate, newish Uniden HP-1s simultaneously and suddenly lost the ability to hit on and/or decode the Dept of Public Safety (SYSTEM) IMPD (DEPT) CHANNELS. This was after several months of performing flawlessly. In immediate side-by-side comparison, the Uniden BCD436HP &...
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    Noob to scanners

    Hello, I live between Shelbyville, waldron and columbus. Just ordered a RS PRO-197 scanner, should have it in a few days. I'm a retired firefighter from Indy's west side and would like to monitor Indy and all depts PD/Fire on meca. According to my mapping software, I'm 35 miles from Indy and...