1. WX9RLT

    SDS200 SDS 200 Audio Recording Question

    Hi, There a way to record the audio internally, and have it record hourly files? (Each file is hourly, not individual transmissions, for the files) I have it setup to Proscan, and I can do it that way. Via Proscan. But when I record internally, it records each transmission individually...
  2. W

    BCD436HP: Speaker issue

    Ok,what are my options as far as the internal speaker for this radio? It's just about 8 months old and the speaker crapped itself about a month ago. External jack still works, but that kinda defeats the purpose of a $500 radio. If there is a replacement, show me where to get one please.
  3. 93Nav

    ICOM R1, Internal 300mA battery, how long should it run?

    Hello, I just replaced the internal battery on my ICOM R1 and was wondering how long it should last before it needs recharging. The battery is a 300mA 7.2 nicad pack. After I got it I charged it for 14 to 16 hours using the ICOM charger and then set it on a FM station and let it run until the...