1. kf6olc

    San Francisco Bay Area Interoperability video.

    A 52 minute long video about San Francisco Bay Area interoperability scanning .
  2. T

    Interoperability channels for EMS agency

    I'm updating our EMS agency's codeplug for portable and mobile radios. I'm adding additions for national interoperability, according to the National Interoperability Field Operations Guide. Since we're currently on UHF, I believe I only need the below channels/zones. I'm looking for any advice...
  3. SVILLE-TF17

    VCalling10 - VTAC38 programing file information

    Good morning Everyone! I am trying to get my radio program for Vcalling10 - through VTAC38 some how I think i am programing This the wrong way. I am not good at this. I was wondering if somone has the CSV file for this
  4. A

    eNIFOG problem

    This is a posting to provide a warning of an issue with the latest update for the eNIFOG for Android users. I have had this app working on the same phone for several years with no problems. I recently updated eNIFOG app on my Android, and after the update was installed, I was unable to open the...
  5. BlueDevil

    NIFOG VFire/VMed/VLaw Clarity

    After reading through several threads on this forum I have become increasingly confused on what I thought was a fairly straight forward issue. I am looking for clarity as to the use for the NIFOG VFire/VMed/VLaw frequencies. I have read and reviewed the NIFOG Several times and the WARNING on...
  6. W

    Atlanta Area Interoperability

    Just got curious about something! I bought an old EFJ P25 radio for amateur use and it came from Arizona as part of an interoperability solution. Since I live in north DeKalb county and am in shouting distance of 3 P25 public service systems, DeKalb County, Fulton County, and City of Atlanta, do...
  7. 9

    Florida SLERS P25

    Does anyone know who the vendor of the P25 'Interoperability' network is, that's being built in select Florida counties?
  8. W

    VSP and local dispatchers

    In the old days, Virginia used 39.54 (SIRS, they called it) for an interop frequency. I hear very little traffic on it now, but it got me wondering if VSP troopers had radio contact with local dispatchers, other than cell phones. I read something on the web about the Richmond area wanting to...
  9. T

    Okaloosa County, Florida

    Does anyone have a list of Frequencies that Okaloosa County and the surrounding area uses as far as mutual aid or Interop use? The only thing I can find is a list of interop frequencies that seem to be out of order and need to be updated. EMS MED Channels: Public Safety Scanner Frequencies and...
  10. J

    Interop Frequencies

    Is it worth my time and scanner space to program in Interop frequencies? I have already put in the VHF and UHF frequencies but there's quite a bit of the 700/800MHZ ones, and I'm just curious if there's any regular traffic on there or if they are just used during major emergencies
  11. myspacebarisbroken

    DoD Interoperability

    Are the sites in the DoD TRS independant of eachother or (for example) could someone in the Philadelphia shipyard talk to a naval base in California if they are both on the same TG?:confused: If so, is this system interoperable with other systems with the WACN BEE00?
  12. jeatock

    What other states are finding out the hard way.

    Option One: Develop a genuinely open standard plan that every agency and any vendor can quickly and easily participate in. Fix the DPS's problems without saddling the local agencies with costs they can't afford. Leave the local traffic local, but allow for statewide interoperability when it is...
  13. k6scm

    V-Tac, U-Tac, I-Tac Frequencies... UTac21?

    My current understanding of the V, U & ITac nationwide common/interoperability frequency assignments is as follows: V-Call 155.7525 V-Tac 1 151.1375 V-Tac 2 154.4525 V-Tac 3 158.7375 V-Tac 4 159.4725 U-Call 453.2125 (458.2125) U-Tac 1 453.4625 (458.4625) U-Tac 2...
  14. S

    NJ UTAC Frequencies: Clarafication

    I need some clarification about NJ UTAC frequencies. Over the the last year or so the state has added two additional frequencies. 453.15000 PL 136.5 NJUTAC 7 453.62500 PL 141.3 NJUTAC 8 However in the Jersey City Public Safety Page these frequencies are listed as UTAC 7...