1. R

    Fastlane for iPad

    I’ve worked out how to setup my radios on one pc, and use a second pc to run Fastlane. I can even RDP into that pc (even via my iPad) and get audio to work using the MS remote sound feature. My question is, will there be a plan to port DSDPlus Fastlane to the IPad? Bobby AE4B
  2. V

    Trade: Brand New Ipad for BCD396XT or BCD996XT

    I got a brand new IPad never removed from the box I will trade it for a like new digi scanner must be a BCD396XT or BCD996XT due to the features I need for my area.. I wanted to put this in the classifieds but it would not let me.. I am a Beta tester for a company and got 8 brand new Ipads So I...
  3. police_scanners

    iOS / Android apps

    Hi, I'm currently trying to collect a list of iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and Android apps which might be useful for scanning. There seem to be quite a few live audio feed apps out there. I'm wandering what else you're all using, and also which app you tried but didn't like?
  4. A

    iPhone / iPad app: Ambient music + police radio streamed

    I recently made an iOS app that mixes ambient music and live police radio to create a cinematic, moody experience. Some of you may know of the web site that does the same thing but since it doesn't work on neither iPhone nor iPad I decided to build an app. If you're interested it's available...
  5. I

    Free Mobile TV

    Free live TV channels and video on your mobile phone. Stream live TV channels on your iphone, iPad, iPod, nokia, HTC, android, samsung, sony ericsson or other device. Explore and enjoy our extensive catalogue of videos and share your Free Mobile TV experiences with friends by using our free...
  6. S

    Led Zeppelin

    Any fans? New iPhone / iPad app just out. YouTube - This Day in Led Zeppelin