1. J

    New iPod Nano (w/ FM Radio)

    I recently picked up a new ipod nano which now has a built-in FM radio. I took a look around both on the iPod menus themselves and also on the filesystem of the iPod to see if the bands were defined in a preferences file. I could not find one.. I don't know what the radio is capable of but i've...
  2. comcen

    Problems with the RR iPhone/iPod App

    I seem to be having a major problem with the functionality of the RR iPhone/iPod App; there isn't any! Is this something that is being considered?
  3. I

    For Sale New Nikon D3/D40x with 1 year warranty

    SELLING UNLOCKED BRAND NEW MOBILE PHONES AND DIGITAL CAMERA,IPHONE3G,IPHONE,ITOUCH,They are brand new and sealed in an original company box with complete accessories and one year international warranty. WE ONLY GIVE DISCOUNTS ON THESE PRODUCT IF YOU ARE BUYING 2UNITS AND ABOVE...