1. W

    DMR on Itinerant Frequencies?

    I am interested in using DMR over Itinerant frequencies for our commercial business. Can I license an itinerant frequency for DMR emissions? Can I use a hotspot and push the DMR over the internet to another location (within the state I am licensed for)?
  2. daugherh

    Itinerant Licensing Question

    Hi all, I am in the process of filing an application for Part 90 Itinerant Frequencies for our local CERT Team. I'm using itinerants because we move from site to site depending on our mission(s). However, I have a few questions before I spend the money only to have the application rejected due...
  3. A

    Itinerant license fees and maximum output watts

    Hi, first post here. I'm working on an application for a nationwide itinerant FCC license (for communication with family and friends and some business) and I'm having trouble understanding the fee structure. I was just going to get 1 frequency in the VHF or UHF band (below 470MHz). 1. Looking...