johnson county

  1. K

    Uniden BCD536HP Input Frequencies

    I am new to all this and trying to figure it all out, so please forgive me if I do not understand all the terminology from the beginning. I have the Uniden BCD536HP and I live in North Johnson County Kansas where they have switched to the (MARRS) system. My scanner will not pick up any of the...
  2. mws72

    Iowa City / Johnson Co notes

    I have been here in UIHC for the last week. I have the following notes of reception. the old Iowa City trunked system seems to only have two users left: Cambus, UI Parking Enforcement and UI Motor Pool UIHC's LTR as these additional TG's noted: 0-13-233 at night seems to be security related...
  3. oldsarge

    Johnson County Sheriff Dispatching

    Johnson County Sheriff is now dispatching for the Olathe, Lenexa, and some other cities within the County. Specific details can be found on this site in the Johnson County database. I don't hear much anymore on the old Olathe frequencies, but the Sheriff frequencies APCO 25 are busy. These...
  4. M

    Leawood EDACS?

    Hey friends, I just got my RadioShack Pro 97 from ebay yesterday and I've been storing what's left of the Johnson County Motorolla trunked system - I'm trying to add Leawood which uses EDACS in the same bank and I'm getting nothing but the typical crazy noises from the control channel - what am...