1. Motorola JT1000 Front Panel Programmable UHF

    Motorola JT1000 Front Panel Programmable UHF

    For sale is an extremely rare Motorola JT-1000 UHF HT in near mint condition. This radio is modified (hex modifications) and comes with the front panel programming (FPP) in the field. Coverage is on the UHF band from 440 MHz and 450-512 MHz at 4-5 watts. That's 70cm ham and T-band radio in one...
  2. marksroberson

    Motorola JT1000 Problems

    I have had my Motorola JT1000 UHF radio for around 1 year now. A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend on a repeater one morning and said my goodbyes, then put it on its charger, later that day I came back and tried to key up the repeater, And nothing!!! My JT1000 won't work on repeaters...