key west

  1. Bote

    SuperBoat races in Key West

    My Southernmost Feed is jumping this week and especially right now with the SuperBoat races around Key West. You're welcome to listen in, although the marine channels are only one of the services monitored, so there will be police, fire, and occasional military traffic from the Boca Chica Naval...
  2. Bote

    Identify NAS Key West talkgroup users

    I need Milcom experts to help identify who is using what talkgroup at NQX Naval Air Station Boca Chica/Key West, Florida. Ideally, if you have worked at a Naval Air Base it would be most helpful, but anybody who can identify the general ground operations would be helpful. I examined the...
  3. Bote

    Key West feed restored

    I had a bad audio cable on my Key West scanner feed, but after a little work this afternoon everything is up and running better than ever. Sorry for the inconvenience. This one might work: Or this one might work: Bote's Southernmost Feed Enjoy.
  4. Bote

    Monroe County, FLA 10-codes, signal codes

    I'm looking for a current list of 10 codes and signal codes used in Monroe County, Florida. No, they are not the same as Broward nor Palm Beach. Thank you in advance.
  5. Bote

    Key West feed for TS Bonnie

    In case Tropical Storm Bonnie decides to skirt along the Keys this weekend I'm plugging my Key West streaming scanner feed for your enjoyment. It gets Key West police and fire, Monroe County sheriff and fire, and the VHF marine channels. Bote's Southernmost Feed Enjoy.
  6. Bote

    Remote storm chasing via Key West feed

    Y'all are welcome to monitor my Key West scanner feed if Tropical Storm Bonnie decides to head that-a-way as she currently appears to want to. It receives Key West police and fire as well as Monroe County sheriff and fire. It also has the marine channels on there, but I can shut off that bank...
  7. Bote

    Key West FLA feed upgraded

    I put up a real antenna on Bote's Southernmost Feed so now it hears the Monroe County, Florida trunked system sites at Key West and Stock Island rock solid. That makes hearing the fire and police much more pleasant. It also allows the scanner to hear marine traffic (which surrounds the island)...
  8. Bote

    Key West scanner stream test

    I'm testing a public safety scanner feed in Key West, Florida this weekend. The audio is as good as I can get it, sorry but it's a digital system. For now it's got fire, police, and marine stuff, but the marine freqs will probably get locked out as it does not hear them well at all. If I can...
  9. Bote

    Key West scanner stream testing

    I'm testing a public safety scanner feed in Key West, Florida this weekend. The audio is as good as I can get it considering that Key West police blow my doors off while Monroe County sheriffs sound like mumblers 25 and 30dB below peak level. Even with a Terk ALC box it sounds horrible, but...