1. C

    KVL 5000 Manual

    I'm looking for a KVL 5000 user/owners manual and have been unable to find one on the web. Any help is greatly appreciated. Scott
  2. D

    APX7500 KeyLoading

    I have an APX 7500 running 29.02.00, and I want to load keys onto it I purchased a KFDTool but I cant seem to get the radio to respond. I also tried DLI and that didn't work it gives a weird error saying "Expected 4 received 2" if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly...
  3. zacabo

    XTS5000 Encryption Keyloading

    I have an XTS5000 that when I attach the KVL 3000+ cable (OEM) to the radio it will not enter the keyloading mode. I have tried to switch the housing with a working one and it didn't work. The contacts on the radio seem fine and I can read and write to the radio. I ended up having to switch the...
  4. Y

    KVL3000 Repair

    I have a KVL3000 (T5795A) with at least a few problems. The battery contact pins for the main battery are missing. Also, there appears to be no internal connections to the keyload port. Could anyone help me with parts or direct me to someone who does repair work on these units. I intend to...
  5. A

    KVL to XTL 5000 Cable

    Hello all, I'm currently in Iraq and my unit has a XTL 5000 Consolette Base Station. We are unable to use the Base Station because we are using a Encrypted Network and I cant find the cable to load the Crypto from the KVL to the Radio and I was hoping that someone knew what cable I needed. V/R...