1. D

    ND mobile scanner legality

    Would anyone be able to share or post a link to the ND scanner laws. I have done some digging, but I can't seem to find anything recent and from a trusted source. I know that with the amateur radio license I should be fine, but I would really like to know the regulations if possible. Thank you
  2. ChrisBoden

    Legality of decoding P25 Police/EMS/Fire data in an educational video.

    Greetings everyone. :) I'm in preproduction on an educational video teaching how to use an SDR with DSD+ to build a simple rig and listen to trunked emergency services data on P25 systems. Could someone please advise me on the legality of teaching this and posting it to the internet? I'm...
  3. wa8iqo

    Transmitter Output Restrictions In Florida

    Hello everyone. I moved to Central Florida last year. Just recently I read somewhere that Amature Radio Operators were limited to a transmission output power of no more then 50 watts within any geographical boundaries of Florida. The reason being is due to Florida having an over abundance of...
  4. K

    Idaho Scanner laws and doing live scanner feeds

    I was thinking of doing a live feed of our local law enforcement, but it seems that it is illegal, or at least that is how I read it. your thoughts? Short of having a letter from the agencies authorizing such rebroadcast. TITLE 18 CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS CHAPTER 67 COMMUNICATIONS SECURITY...
  5. T

    Legality Of Whelen Electric Air Horn

    I also posted this in on an earlier thread similar to this, regarding light bars, but I also posted it here, in a new thread. It isn't exactly radio related, but I did the best I could to find a home on the forum for this question. Is there any law in Canada, or more specifically, in New...
  6. C

    California Scanning Laws?

    Hi all. My father lives in an assisted living home. He's a retired firefighter and scanner buff. With his scanner(s), he's found the frequencies that are in use by the staff at the home and has been listening in to the local chatter. Managment has learned of this and has now issued a memo to...
  7. gmclam

    State Laws for Electronics Use in the Car

    This site might be of use to you. I have not checked each state to see if scanner use is listed, but it is certainly a good start: DigitalTips: State Laws