1. A

    Edacs trunking system added and/or changed channels..

    I'm using a radio shack pro 164 triple trunking scanner to monitor multiple EDACS system in my area. Lately I've noticed that there is another control channel that has appeared but radio reference does not have any information about it. As well 1of the 2 edacs sites that I'm monitoring is no...
  2. del1964

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS-100 LCN Finder procedure to store/view found LCN's

    I'm looking for what the next step is after you've ran LCN Finder for a while and have found a few (in my case 4 out of 14)? I tried hitting the E button, tried hitting the menu button on the side and tried hitting "to scan" and then I lost apparently everything. So, what exactly is the...
  3. Fletch

    Unitrunker MARCS empty frequency values

    I'm Monitoring the Ohio MARCS system from the Huber Heights area and have several frequencies come through with-out values. I'm having difficulty understanding what the LCN number means to manually edit these empty values. What does, for example 08-0869, equate to? I'm guessing these frequencies...
  4. 5

    DMR CPS frequencies to LCN

    My agency uses a Capacity Plus system with several frequencies and about 20 channels. I have the CPS and have read the radio and I'd like to submit the information to the database. How can I determine which LCN each frequency is by looking at the CPS? I can see all the information programmed in...
  5. A

    Can Unitrunker be smarter about channel numbers in P25 imports from RR?

    As I understand it, P25 sites each have a "band plan," which is used to set the relationship between channel number and frequency. If you listen to a new site OTA with Unitrunker, you'll quickly get the logical channel numbers (LCNs) for the control and voice channels for the site you are...
  6. yaesumofo

    analyze lcn finder bug

    hello. the radio is a BCD436HP The Firmware is 1.05.01 When I go to analyze and select EDACS/LTR LCN finder turn the knob to the letter L select the local LOS ANGELES CITY (municipal) system 2 (or 3) About 5 seconds into the LCN search the radio turns OFF for 1 or 2 seconds. then turns back...
  7. N8ATF

    Need Help with Alabama State-wide EDACS (Troopers, etc..)

    I am going to be in Covington County near Andalusia for a few months. I was hoping someone could please help me with the frequencies, LCN, and some talk groups? I know there are active sites there, I heard them while scanning the 800 mhz band, but I was just doing an upper/lower limit search, so...
  8. wsk1990

    Pro-164 issues with EDACS

    I've been messing around with my new scanner and have figured out how to program and scan the Motorola II system which controls all of the county (Pinellas, FL) fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies. However, the city of Clearwater is on a separate, EDACS standard system. I added the...
  9. bReed11091

    How do I find the frequency for a LCN?

    I'm trying to find the frequencies used by the Consumers Energy TRS ( I was wondering how I would go about doing this with my BCD996T.