1. V

    Baofengs on LMRS Frequencies

    So I was/am wondering if I buy 3 Baofeng UV-5R's [Already own one] also please take into note I am not dealing with the FCC I am dealing with IC (Industry Canada). then get a Land Mobile Radio Licence for 4 Radios for 5 Watts Max. Would it be legal since I am technically using Ham Licensed...
  2. T

    Going to Washingston DC

    I might be going to down town Washington DC soon and I am thinking about bringing my BCD396xt. (1) From the RadioReference database I can see a lot of different things to listen to, so I am wondering what some good/interesting frequencies might be to listen to. Any suggestions? (2) Are there...
  3. TennFordTN

    FRS or MURS?

    I'm new to these forums and recently new to the radio waves but I have a question. MURS or FRS? I own a little more than 100 acres of half-flat, half-hill property with extensive amount of trees and hills. My family and I, and sometimes friends, use this property (or as we call it, the "farm")...
  4. S

    Is what my school doing legal

    Alright so i see theres some confusion. The district im talking about is the upper arlington city schools. I do not work there but i am a student. Dont search this yet because they have 5 licences. The frequencie* +452.125 PL 71.9 is used for busses they talk usualy 6:30 am to 8:30 am also...
  5. K

    Ark. bill being discussed

    Thought this might be of interest to the group. It apparently passed in committee today. HB1316: "An act to allow the Arkansas Department of Health to utilize radio encryption to protect confidential patient data." Here's the link: HB1316
  6. U

    Legality of retransmitting public service comm. on FM

    Is it legal in the US to scan police/fire/ems then retransmit on an available FM frequency? The goal would be to provide my local area with open access to these transmissions. Streaming online would be nice but not nearly as convenient for most people and also not mobile.
  7. R

    Aspectos legales y aduanales (legal and customs issues)

    Hola. Me gustaria saber si alguien tiene informacion respecto al uso legal de escaners en Mexico, asi como de su importacion desde E.U. o Europa. Ya indague en E.U. y no hay problema para exportarlo si esta en su caja original y es nuevo, pero no me garantizaron que aduana u otros lo dejaran...
  8. T

    Legal or not?

    Does anyone know if airports care about you bringing (and using) scanners to the gate and on the plane? I'm new, so go easy on me, any answer is appreciated!!