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    LifeFlight 453.17500,453.02500,460.82500

    Does anyone ever hear anything on these frequencies for Life Flight? 453.17500 458.17500 WPUU967 RM 167.9 PL Airheart Airheart 453.02500 458.02500 WPGF980 RM 110.9 PL LifeFlight LifeFlight Dispatch / Operations 460.82500 465.82500 RM 223 DPL...
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    Idaho Life Flight Freq

    Anyone know what Freq Life Flight of Idaho is now using?
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    Junction City Fire Dept. & Eugene area

    Junction City Fire Department seems to be now dispatching on their OWN dispatch frequency and also still alternating response of their calls from FireCom Tac 4 to Tac 6. Rural fire calls are still being dispatched with departments on FireCom 3, which FireCom picked up additional dispatching...