live audio

  1. T

    Feed Provider on Mac

    Is their any software for the Mac to provide a Live audio stream to RR? Thanks
  2. Deziel0495

    Re-broadcasting a private feed

    This question is more towards Lindsay or the live audio admins but feel free to discuss. There are a few live scanner feeds in my area self hosted by numerous people. They do not want or don't know how to broadcast using the Broadcastify platform. With their permission, is it against RR/BCFY...
  3. SlipNutz15

    Barix feed setup audio quality

    I am test running a Barix setup. I configured it according to the Barix Instreamer 100 wiki and I listen through the Barix headphone jack to verify my inputs are ok and there is no humming or static whatsoever. When I listen online there is a "tunnel" sound to the feed. What is with the quality...
  4. J

    Chrome OS Computer

    I have been looking for information on if there is scanning software available for a Chrome OS computer. I like the idea of a low cost machine to stream audio, but I cannot find any information on scanning software. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. S

    Beta Testers Required for new iOS app (listen, monitor, program and more)

    Hello all, We are currently looking for a few good beta testers to help give our new iOS app a good run through it's paces. This new app, scan-streamer, enables users to stream not only live audio, but real-time scanner display info (talkgroups/banks, channels, tags, etc). Users of...
  6. D

    York county live audio help

    Does anyone know why the York county live audio feed is down? The feed quality has been poor lately and then suddenly now it had been offline for a while. Also, does anyone know if there is a way to bring it back online??
  7. ToledoScanner

    Listen to Live Audio feeds with a Google Chromebook?

    Can you listen to Live Audio feeds with a Google Chromebook? I did a couple searches across the site and forums and see no mention of using Chromebooks to confirm. I would suspect a Live Audio feed should just play via one or more of the various feed formats without issue. Just want to know...
  8. dbsar

    Railroad Live Audio

    I'd like to urge you railfans to host some live audio of rail radio traffic in your area. If you look at the list, there is not much RR live audio in Ohio. I'd especially like to hear some W&LE traffic. Please consider providing a live audio feed on this website, and thank you.
  9. K0JAD


    I keep looking for a live feed of Surprise PD (Off white tanks). I am "surprised" that the 9 largest city in Maricopa county (Pop 118,000) isn't being provided by someone. If any of you who have the capability to provide such a feed it surely would be appreciated by this old man and many...
  10. S

    Thanks to those associated with this site

    I wanted to say thank you for all the feed providers out there. Being one of the providers for my state and local area, I know you can sometimes get lots of emails complaining. Some wanting loud, some softer, some with different channel, some with different hold times. Ultimately the feed...
  11. M

    NYS Oswego fire, police, etc

    Is anyone going to keep online live audio feed for NYS Oswego County Fire, Police, etc. Thanks. I appreciate it. Jim V. West Monroe NY
  12. F

    New Streaming Audio Receiver on Mountain, But What Frequency?

    I have access to Pleasants Peak, in the mountains south of Corona. The facility is a shared communications site at 3,885 feet elevation, with almost no receiver noise. See Google Maps location of “33.798514,-117.62303” or go to Pleasants Peak I will be placing one or more streaming audio...
  13. klusterphuk

    live audio app pending

    was jst wondering if anyone knows how long it takes the live broadcast app to go through its been 2 days thanks in advance
  14. Z

    Fond du Lac County Live Audio Feed

    Any interest in a Fond du Lac SO/PD feed? I have a few "extra" scanners and should be able to reach. If not, any requests for surrounding Winnebago counties or nearby agencies?
  15. rbecker1963

    Streaming Cape May County & State Police

    Hi all, I'm now streaming most of Cape May County including all of the Resort towns, barrier islands and State Police. Southern Cape May County Police, Fire, EMS, and State Police Live Scanner Audio Feed
  16. dbsar

    Live Audio Suggetion Dayton Dist

    I'd love to be able to listen to rail traffic in the Dayton Ohio district but cant. I searched the live audio section of this site and dont find much rail audio. If someone in the Dayton district would consider signing up to broadcast the railroad audio, I'd listen and thank you.
  17. B

    WinAmp Bookmarks

    Question about bookmarking feeds in WinAmp. It seems like most of the time, when I do it, the title is usually or some variation, and never what the feed is. I can go in an edit the bookmark, to the correct title, but then when I play it in the playback screen it still gives...
  18. RyanRox099

    USB Sound Cards

    I found out the easy way to host more feeds.... and for cheap. I found some small usb sound cards on ebay, and just plug them in and now I can host as many feeds as I have scanners. Its only about $2.00!!! for one card. On Eaby (USB 2.0 TO 3D AUDIO SOUND CARD ADAPTER VIRTUAL 5.1 ch - eBay...
  19. K

    Alpha tags not visible...why?

    I have been trying to veiw feeds with alpha tags such as the NH Strafford County feed and several others claiming to have alpha tags, I use either the web player or wmp but have not seen any alpha tags. Can someone please put me in my place and tell me what to do. I have searched these threads...
  20. M

    Listening to live audio on mobile phone

    I have a sprint HTC mogul (the PPC-6800). I would like to listen to the live audio on my phone but when I open the mobile website on my phone and try to click the link, it says that I do not have enough memory available. Can anyone help PLEASE????