livingston county

  1. B

    Not hearing Livingston county

    Hello, Trying to program Liv. Co into my scanner. Its a pro96 and im using Win96. I programmed the Northville tower and input all the Talkgroups I want to here but im not getting anything. I also have local talkgroups programmed such as Northville township and Plymouth township and can hear...
  2. Z

    Livingston County & 396XT

    Wondering if someone can help me out. I got a 396XT scanner and I used ProScan to set it up. I have the one "Site" which is Howell. I then added the livingston county FD/PD trunk groups. I can hear most if not all of the FD/PD stuff in Livingston County. The problem is that I am also getting...
  3. M

    MO Scanning n00b

    I have been lurking around this forum for a while, finally signed up earlier this year. I live in Johnson County, Kansas but I have grandparents in Livingston County, Missouri, more specifically Chillicothe. A couple years ago for Christmas I bought my grandmother a new scanner, I believe it is...