1. N2SCV


    A question or two if I may: Is EMS also on 154.755? Wednesday night (morning) @ 2:30am PD was looking for a car that ran off the road into woods, the dispatcher had back seat passenger on line saying where he was and driver was unconscious. They were waiting for a helicopter. I fell asleep...
  2. JamesPrine

    Livingston Parish Sheriff and Fire on LWIN

    Wow, they are really using TG 20013 today instead of their usual scratchy VHF North and South dispatch frequencies. 20039, too, for Parishwide Fire Dispatch.
  3. Z

    Livingston County & 396XT

    Wondering if someone can help me out. I got a 396XT scanner and I used ProScan to set it up. I have the one "Site" which is Howell. I then added the livingston county FD/PD trunk groups. I can hear most if not all of the FD/PD stuff in Livingston County. The problem is that I am also getting...
  4. sound_efex

    Pennyrile VIPER system to serve Crittenden, Livingston, Lyon and Union counties

    Lyon gains 911 service upgrade -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Times Leader Staff Report -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday, August 27, 2008 Three Pennyrile...