1. R

    Active TPIDs and Systems from Mesa Riverview Area

    I ran a log for a day with a lot of activity, these are the most active TPIDs with Alpha tags along with the SYSTEM names I am located near the Mesa Riverview by the 202 (Red Mountain) and Alma School. If your looking for the best TX sites to program in your scanner for local PD and FD, these...
  2. badlans

    Entergy in China?

    I wanted more info on Entergy's trunked system in Arkansas. So, I go to the Entergy page and click on "RR Locations" for that system. There is one data point in the middle of China that just screws up my whole perception of reality. Is there any chance that this coordinate is a mistake? If...
  3. G

    Virtual radar locations

    Hello to all; i wanted to know if some US sites are available to track planes; I actually know a very good site in France, where users can contribute all over the world; Most locations in France or in Europe; i can give you some siites's URL to have a look; The advantage of this site is the...
  4. M

    Sacramento County fire station locations

    Does anyone have a list of the fire station locations in the county that SRFECC dispatches? If so, please reply with a link to the file or webpage. This would be greatly appreciated as I am creating a custom Google Earth interface with fire stations locations. Thank you and happy scanning!
  5. 8

    Police Bands

    Hey all, I am fairly new to scanning I have a simple question for you guys out there. What would I need to do to keep my scanner only scanning on police band frequencies if I were driving into different states? Thanks in advance.