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  1. My Mobile Radio Scanners In The Field

    My Mobile Radio Scanners In The Field

    The scanners I use to Gather News Video
  2. S

    GMC Canyon radio/antenna dilemma

    I have a 2019 GMC canyon I am having a decision dilemma. I would like to mount either a CDM 750 or 1250 for 46mhz range into the truck. The problem is the antenna, vertically off the fender I can only go 24" to 28" high because of needing to clear a garage door, 1960s cars were a lot smaller...
  3. W

    Maryland State Police - Calvert County

    Got suspicious about low band being used by MSP in Calvert County when I saw an MSP unit pass me in Prince Frederick the other day and saw no antennas on it longer than 700MHz. I spent the day listening for traffic on 39.280MHz and have heard nothing. It would appear that all of their traffic...
  4. Dispatrick

    2019 VHF Low Band Logs

    Starting the list early this year! Bergen County NJ opening between approx 10:20 and 11:30 37.040 127.3 Smyth County VA Sheriff 42.940 173.8 Either NC or MO, open mic received for about 2:30 seconds 46.080 151.4 Bartow County GA Fire Disp (The EARLIEST I've ever heard this station. usually...
  5. A

    CDM750 Low Band 60W Range

    Roughly, how far can a 60W CDM750 transmit on Pink Dot, 42.980Mhz FM with a 49" whip antenna? Given it was properly licensed, etc?
  6. Bruce42

    Who Makes Low Band Base Stations Now?

    Recently CODAN (Daniels) gave up making low band radios, Midland's LMR folded up this week, Motorola quit years ago, RELM, now BK, doesn't show any on their website so the situation is getting ugly. It doesn't look like any American-based company is serving low band. Can anyone help me to find...
  7. F

    new low band vhf mil log

    im going to start a new low band mil log from30 to 50 mhz and will post updates about every week or so. I have a bcd536hp with the hole low band mill air band with tone 151.4 anyone wishing to help is more than welcome my qth is goode va and antanna is buckscomm dipole antanna 73s to all
  8. K

    July 2014 Skip Log

    7/1/14 Pro-197 VHF/UHF Laird UHF 1/4 wave mag mount antenna UHF: 453.375 RM 103.5 PL Bridgeton MO police dispatch 460.450 RM 162.2 PL St.Ann MO police dispatch VHF: 169.650 RM MOSWIN Or Federal? Reapter P25 (Some ENC) 163.625 RM INS Reapter
  9. W8VFD

    Any other radios cover 29-54 MHz besides Syntor X9000?

    Is there anyone out there aware of any other low band radios that cover the entire 29 to 54 MHz range besides the Syntor X 9000? And my next question is, if not, why has nobody made an effort to manufacture one. I understand that low band is pretty much dying out these days but all of the...
  10. 6

    Schuylkill county dispatch tones

    Does anyone know what the tones in Mhz are for any companies in pottsville?
  11. S

    rockland county fire dispatch

    Does anyone know what the required frequencies are to program fire1 (46.18) fire 2 (46.08) and fire 3( 46.48) into a mobile or portable low band? The programing sheet says Receive(RX) RX PL/DPL/CSQ Tone Transmit(TX) TX PL/DPL/CSQ Tone Spacing Bandwidth 12.5 or 25 kHz is all required which i...
  12. C

    European VHF LB stations.

    Hi there, I'm lokking for informations about VHF LB stations. I found these on last few days: 32,0000 PL=218,1Hz 34,1625 PL=71,9Hz, 82,5Hz 34,2875 PL=94,8Hz 34,4000 PL=127,3Hz 34,7625 PL=71,9Hz 34,825 PL=82,5Hz Few of these sound like hungarian dispatch but I'm not sure. If someone knows please...
  13. W2MB

    SFPD Low Band?

    I was recently visiting "the city" from the east coast and noticed that the majority of the SFPD patrol vehicles were equipped with two communication antennas. The one on the trunk lid was obviously for their trunked system, each car also and an old style spring loaded low band whip on the read...
  14. kd7kdc

    Morning Log for 06/29 E WA

    All are simplex unless otherwise noted. 0855 39.6000 151.4 Range Control starting a session. 0902 35.7200 100.0 Weak male voices mobile 0911 31.6000 136.5 Male "Going over to them there trees" 0916 38.3500 151.4 Range Control anoucing hot/cold zones and check in time to Aircraft 0928 39.2200...
  15. G

    Cherokee AH-50 (6m portable)

    Does anyone know if there is a mod available for this rig to receive in the 46 MHz range? Haven't found anything so far on the Internet. Thanks, Gregg