1. PrivatelyJeff

    LTE and DMR hotspot in car

    Has anyone here ever installed an LTE modem and/or DMR hotspot in a car? I’m looking to do both and I have some questions.
  2. S

    Interference parameters based on technology

    Dear All, I am new to spectrum monitoring and would like to know which parameters are important with respect to a government regulator when scrutinizing the interference complaints received from cellular operators. After much research i came to know that in case of interference in 3G...
  3. N

    am I recording LTE uplink signals?

    I have this app, LTE Discovery, in my phone which tells me the LTE UL frequency and power so I went with my SDR and measured the received signal at that frequency and it matched. Now, how can I be sure this is the transmitted signal from my phone? As I made a call to and from this phone and...
  4. stantorres

    What exactly is LTE?

    I understand the basic concept around TDMA, CDMA, P25, DMR, etc. There is a carrier, a certain number of kilohertz wide, there is digital modem sounding stuff which is 1's and zero's. The data is either organized in time slots or by code slots. I'm told that LTE is very different. Super wide...
  5. P

    Hytera x1p vhf analog sim card lte service

    I have the x1p and i use it for vhf analog i wanna know if i can put in a sim card and use it as a cell phone as well ? Or is there any radio that dose have this capability's ?
  6. N1GAW

    Charlotte Public Safety LTE

    Charlotte Launches Public-Safety LTE Service with BTOP-Funded Equipment (6/2/15) By Sandra Wendelken The city of Charlotte, North Carolina, launched public-safety data services funded by a restructured $8.8 million Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant. The broadband network...
  7. M

    Why LTE will replace LMR for public safety - Urgent Communications article

    Why LTE will replace LMR for public safety - Urgent Communications article A groundswell has emerged in support of the notion that provisioning mission-critical voice to first responders over broadband networks is a fait accompli — and that the eventual end of land-mobile radio is a certainty...