1. hardware1197

    Help w/ Uniden HomePatrol II and LVMPD

    Been reading through the forum an hour or so and I'm unable to solve my issue where I get no activity on Las Vegas MPD from my upper floor of the NYNY. I have done the firmware and have the EXTREME update. reloaded the HPDB today and still can't seem to get anything. Anyone who can point me...
  2. J

    BCD436HP to Monitor Enterprise Only

    Got my BDC436HP set up for Vegas. I am having trouble JUST monitoring Enterprise. Is it best to create a favorite for just Enterprise? When I avoid all but Enterprise it seems I get zero traffic... Thoughts?
  3. 737mech

    LVMPD Phase 2 system

    Good news for now anyway, talkgroup 10011 is ITC for this system. KLAS queen units.
  4. D

    Radio issues force police to double-up in patrol cars

    LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police say radio communication problems in the Las Vegas valley's latest officer-involved shooting has forced officers to double-up in patrol units. Radio issues force police to double-up in patrol cars - 8 News NOW
  5. R

    LVMPD R.E.A.C.T. ?

    463.562500 ( Tone ) 173.8 pl. Sounds like it is the R.E.A.C.T. . Team . Blocking the street off on Charleston and unknown street . ( I didn't catch the cross street . ) They also mentioned that the watch commander advised them to tell the media to go to the s/w corner for the crash ...
  6. T

    Las Vegas Metro PD

    Been listening to LVMPD for years now but since the start of October 2012 I haven't been able to hear any transmissions from anything related Metro PD. Does anyone have any idea why? Did they finally switch over to "open sky" or could it be an issue on my end? Any info would be a huge help. I...