madison county

  1. B

    Madison County Law Enforcement ENC Changes?

    Does anyone know any updated information about Madison County LE going to Encryption? Starting yesterday, 9/25/2023, Madison County Sheriff has been all quiet and nothing heard today either. Is HPD next?
  2. B

    MESA/IDPS System

    Question about the database, I wasn't sure if there is a reason for it, of if it was an oversight. Westfield Police and Noblesville Police are listed under the "Hamilton County Law Enforcement" Department/Group. Carmel and Fishers are listed under their respective city Department/Group. Is...
  3. J

    Trouble with Madison Co. P25

    Just purchased a PRO-651 and downloaded the Madison County Public Safety (Project 25) System directly from using WIN500 software. I rarely hear anything, but when I do it is so fragmented and sounds very "digital" for a lack of better terms. I understand this system has been...
  4. Starcom21

    (Madison) Maryville Police/Fire dispatching to Glen Carbon

    Update: The Edwardsville Intelligencer > Local News