1. 1

    Man Hunt For A Man Who Killed People in Kansas City & Montgomery County

    Man Hunt for Killer Montgomery County & State Of Missouri If you would like more information on this you may go to the ABC 17 News link that is posted below on this incident. The Highway Patrol are involved and are using Troop F Dispatch 3 (20159) for there operations on finding this guy...
  2. fireEmt5281

    Manhunt in Tipton/Lauderdale Counties

    Covington FD has set up a Command Post @ the rest stop in Henning. TCSO and LCSO are actively searching for an unknown subject. THP has a helo up out of Memphis, off-duty deputies involved in operation. Don't know who they are searching for or why. Anyone in Tipton or Lauderdale monitoring...
  3. spectr17

    Yucaipa manhunt. Shots fired, deputy car rammed

    Here we go again. Suspect rammed patrol car and fled north or south on Bryant from Yucaipa Blvd 30 min ago. White male, 5'8", brown over brown. White Buick coupe with front window shot out and extensive damage to rear. Suspect also wanted for 187 in Riverside. San Bernardino County System 6...
  4. spectr17

    San Bernardino CA 8-1 you need to turn off your tac channels

    San Bernardino County System 8 Live Scanner Audio Feed You're broadcasting search/tracking team and deputies locations and tactics in the clear. Please turn off the tac channels ASAP. :mad: TOS explains why. Feed Provider Terms of Service - The RadioReference Wiki Admins, you need to move...