1. T

    Baofeng GM 15 Pro Manual (Simplified & Annotated) WRXU901

    GM15 Pro owners. This is my simplified and annotated version of the manual. The changlish, circular logic, errors of the original manual is crazy. Baofeng GM 15 PRO Manual Simplified V15_Compressed.pdf Its a dropbox link so skip the download app jazz Enjoy!
  2. BlueDevil

    PM1500 Blowing Fuses

    I have a Motorola PM1500 that is blowing the inline power fuse every time the power is connected to the radio. This started occurring after the truck that the radio is in was jump started. I am thinking that something was damaged within the radio causing the positive connection to go to ground...
  3. L

    Baofeng DM-5R aka BF-5R Radio ID Help Needed

    Radio in Question: Baofeng DM-5R CPS version: 1.1.5 H Version: 1.0.3 Software Version 2.00.9 While I have enjoyed using my previous 5R's, this one is something all together. Manual that came with it does not appear to be for this version and I have yet to find a corresponding manual. Biggest...
  4. R

    Astro cps r20.01.00

    Does anyone know where I could find a PDF of the manual for R20.01.00?
  5. JamesPrine

    Uniden 980 SSB Annoying Beep

    Seems the many reviewers refer to the Uniden 980 negatively because of the annoying beep every time you do anything on the radio. Read the manual! Here: ANL/NB: Provides 3-way control of ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) or NB (Noise Blanker) features — ANL on, NB on, or both ANL and NB on or...
  6. A

    Ferritronics TU-100 Coded Squelch Test Unit

    Looking for a users manual. Ferritronics the company is long defunct so no help there. Is there anyone who will share a .pdf with me?
  7. M

    Manual input of names on scanner

    The DMR previews have highlighted the tedious nature of inputting names manually on a Uniden scanner. The only features provided when inputting names of the scanner are the ability to go back and forwards using the 4 and 6 keys, and scroll thru a long list of characters, many of which are in no...
  8. M

    Looking for a manual, model: MZ0023B

    Hi guys, I see this Icom device model: MZ0023B Please guys, refer to me the manual of this device,
  9. C

    can find my manual think it is prefix 318z

    Just got first scanner given to me. Think it is a bc318z but cant find this prefix anywhere. need help. it is a uniden trunktrackerIII has bearcat and nascar symbols on it. serial number starts with 318z. trying to find a manual for it. any help would be great
  10. R

    TYT DM-UVF10 programming manual

    Hi everybody, after a lot of work, I would like to present you a programming manual for TYT DM-UVF10 radio. I started to write this guide after I bought three TYT DM-UVF10 digital radios and realized, that there is no programming guide or help file. I slowly discovered the advanced features of...
  11. wa2chj

    KG-UV8D Newer Version

    I just received a newer version KG-UV8D with firmware 1.03 that has the 2.5 kHz steps, etc. It also has the two green buttons on the front panel. It has newer/different icons on the LCD display not explained in the manual that came with the radio, and I haven't been able to find any info on...
  12. S

    Realistic pro 78 scanner help!!

    Hi..I am new to this forum and to scanners really..I was given a realistic pro78 scanner receiver with no antenna or instruction manual...I have searched for both and have had little luck in finding the manual...and am sooo new on how to work with one. Anyone have any ideas...also does it have...
  13. W

    PSR-500 Scan Lists Flashing

    After updating the scanner's firmware to 1.8, I noticed that after scanning from pausing an object, random scan list numbers flash. There is no rime or reason to it. There are active, unlocked objects in the scanlists that are flashing. Anyone else expieriencing this issue or know how to solve it.
  14. dbar

    NEW USER PRO-137 Skimpy Manual-How To Questions Not Addressed by Manual

    Seeking help using the Pro-137 scanner. I got the scanner for my boyfriend, but I’m the one figuring out how to use it. I am not a radio enthusiast and know little to nothing about them. Scanner was bought to use at Riverhead Raceway on Long Island just to hear the drivers. I figured out...
  15. S

    Pro-2036 Manual

    As this is my first post here, Hello! I am here because I recently inherited a Pro-2036 scanner from my grandfather's old belongings. After a few hours of running around getting parts for an antenna and a new wall adapter, I finally have it all set up here. The only problem is, I have no clue...
  16. n5xgz

    Shinwa SR-001 Manual wanted

    I am looking for a manual for the Shinwa SR-001 Communications Receiver. I cannot find mine as I have moved since unpacking this rig, and would like to refresh my memory on how to program it. Any help appreciated. 73's de N5XGZ Mark
  17. 1

    Regency R 1090 search function help

    I ran across this scanner and wanted to set it up and use it. I have little to no experience in setting up, programming, or the language used to describe the features on a scanner. Can anyone direct me to a free user manual to the r 1090? Or simply indicate the procedure for setting the range...