mass state pd sites

  1. K

    BCT15X: Mass State Police Trunking System (Troops A-H) Issue

    I am working with a friend to program his BCT15X using the Freescan software, currently we have programed all the Barnstable county public service channels, these of which work perfectly fine. (BCSO2-5.pdf has the system written out for review). Now we have worked to program all of the Mass...
  2. Dots

    346XT and MSPD sites?

    I have some programing experience with a 396 but I'm programing a 346 for a freind and I want to program Mass State PD. I'm using the ARC-XT Pro and it is easy to grab the data from Radio reference but... Problem is I'd like to programing it so where ever you are in the entire state you will be...