1. J

    Line In CC & SDR VC

    I cannot seem to get the setup I have working correctly. I have a maxtrac 800 (yes, it is receive only before someone brings it up) line input that works absolutely wonderful and has for a couple of years. I want it to be the channel control for a single SDR being the voice channel. I cannot get...
  2. B

    Help with finding model number

    Hi I have 2 maxtrac UHF MODEL NUMBER D44MWA2GF6AK, but can't find the correct RSS number... I AM NIT ASKING FOR THE RSS FILE, BUT FOR THE RSS NUMBER FOR THIS RADIO TIA
  3. B

    Motorola Radius M216

    I've got a radius M216 that I've programmed. Its 25watts according to model number but I couldn't find a PA part#, just the logic (16 pin) and the RF board. Reading the article on upgrading to 32 channel it asks for a specific maxtrac firmware chip and I know I don't have it since it's a radius...
  4. marksroberson

    Motorola Maxtrac Out of band Help

    I have recently purchased a Motorola Maxtrac UHF (449.0 - 470.0 MHz) radio that has already had the VCO and the RX coils tuned down to 440, I am using the Motorola RSS Version R07.02.00a and when I add a channel it defaults as 446.0 but I can not tune below the default 449.00 range. I even try...
  5. E

    Maxtrac ghost transmit w/ acc. plug in use

    Hi guys, Have had an intermittent issues on my Maxtrac. It's a 16pin logic board model and is setup for use with a vehicle VHF repeater. Pin 14 is set to detect a carrier with or without PL. The extenders are made from HT1000. I have made several of these and haven't had any issues with them...
  6. centuryvrproductions

    Maxtrac Wont transmit on a frequency

    I Just got a 40W Maxtrac 300 for my repeater It just wont transmit to my Repeaters frequency of 444.500MHz. It transmits for a sec and stops. It seems to transmit fine on 449.500. (Duhh, its in the bandsplit range) The bandsplit is 449-470 or somthing like that, and I want it to transmit out...
  7. EMT1301

    Enabling Scan on MaxTrac 300

    Hello all, I have searched this forum several times for an answer to this question and have been unable to find it. If I have simply missed it, I apologize. I have a MaxTrac 300 VHF radio that I purchased from eBay. It is model # D43MJA77A3BK. It was a six-channel radio, without scan but...
  8. A

    MaxTrac 300 Scan

    My Moto MaxTrac 300 UHF 6ch has the scan button on the control head, but I cannot access the scan list in the rss. I am able to get into the user program scan list and alter the list. When I exit the user program scan and enable scan it will only recieve activity on channels 1 & 6. it does this...
  9. A

    Dual Head Maxtrac

    I have a maxtrac that I am using as a base station. I also have a spare maxtrac control head. I would like to mount the second head and mic into another room. I have seen a dual mount head on one of the fire trucks in my department, and wonder if it is possible to make this work with mine. Any...
  10. A

    maxtrac voltage drop

    I have a maxtrac 300, 32 ch, 60 watt vhf low band (42-50mhz). When I connect it to the power supply and tx-rx it seems to work fine. But while in tx the voltage on the power supply drops to 5v from 13.8v. When I connect a 40 watt uhf of the same make, there is no voltage drop. Do I have a bad...