1. slobonmycob

    MCC 7500

    Is there not any way to select multiple channels so they all come through the headset instead of the speakers?
  2. SlipNutz15

    MCC7500 low voice volume after tones

    I am looking to see if anyone else has heard if this issue or has had the same issue and rectified it. Console is MCC7500, P25 800 TRS patched with UHF paging channel (TX Only) Our county sets off tones, either individual or stacked and toned out; while the tones are going off, the PST...
  3. P

    MCC7500 GPOIM Query

    On the GPOIM, the Phone Jack has pin 1 & 2 and 7 & 8 shown as Aux In A/B- and +, respectively. Can anyone let me know if either, or which, can be utilized as an Off-Hook input so as to feed the analog telephone handset Tx and Rx audio to the Operators Headset and push the Radio Rx to the...