mdc decode display

  1. Danny37

    MTS2000 MDC problem

    I recently got an MTS2000 model 1 radio. I programmed some frequencies for MDC and it mutes it just fine but it sometimes doesn't display ID's on the screen. I thought it could just be a repeater problem etc but when I put it side by side with my xts5000, I noticed the xts would display ID's all...
  2. K

    Decode MDC-1200, GE-STAR and FleetSync on your iPhone

    I've been working on open-source libraries to decode these formats for some years, and I finally took the time to create an iPhone app that does all three. Available as of this afternoon in the app store at MDC-1200, GE-STAR, and...
  3. DFD1994

    Monitoring Mobile Data Computer (MDC's)

    I have read this forum for quite some time and I find a lot of the information provided here extremely useful, however there is one issue that has finally convinced to create an account and post here. I live in Dallas, Texas and monitor Dallas Fire-Rescue almost exclusively, as of late I have...
  4. J

    MDC ID Alias Question

    For regular MDC ID someone had their HT1250 radio programmed that the MDC id had an alias name attached to it so it said text instead of just numbers when decoding. how is this achieved in the cps?
  5. D

    Programing MDC-1200 in TK-2312

    I am having troubles programing my Kenwood TK-2312 to convert the PTT-IDs of other radios to easily reconiseable ID Ex. the PTT-ID is say 1234 and i would like it to say like "Fire chief" i have gone into the MDC-1200 programing screen and put in the ids and the corresponding names. I believe...
  6. S

    XTS 5000 MDC question

    Does the XTS5000 model 2 with this below decode MDC on the ID? I know it says Digital ID display but doesnt say MDC. model: H18KEF9PW6AN flashcode: 500008-000482-8 Q806/G806 IMBE / APCO-25 Digital Operation H14/G114 Digital ID Display H38/G51 Smartzone Operation Q173/G173 Smartzone OmniLink...