1. A


    Trying to find out which MEC-OPS TGs are used for fire. I want to be able to listen to the Meck Co. FDs as well as CFD, so I have dispatch programmed in but I don't know which OPs TGs to use. Any help is appreciated.
  2. K


    Is there anyone on here able to scan and rec voice traffic for the Mecklenburg Electric Coop radio system Trying to get the correct info into my BCD996XT I am near the Chase City tower.
  3. nloder

    CMPD on Mobile Scanner

    I have been using a Uniden BCD436HP to monitor CMPD and Charlotte-Mecklenburg MEDIC, and the simulcast distortion is terrible! I live in south Charlotte, but the problem is persistent throughout the county. Is there a better scanner model, perhaps with updated software, for monitoring P25...
  4. E

    Cabarrus County NC August 2014

    Hello all. My name is Ed. I used to listen to Kannapolis and Concord on a Radio Shack Pro-162 scanner. I would use the ARC-160 software by Bu-Tel to program it. The software would get the trunking information for Cabarrus County from Radio Reference and I would download it into the scanner...
  5. E

    Programming Uniden BCT8

    Hello, I got a Uniden BCT8 yesterday. *My main purpose is to monitor my local police dept* Eastway Division. I had read all about trunking prior to purchasing a scanner. SO i just pulled it out of the box and tried to search manually. When I got some generral action on the scanner I tried to...