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    MERA Consult & Report talkgroups possibly incorrectly listed in RadioReference Data Base???

    According to the RadioReference Database, 44912, 44880, 44944 are consult channels and 45040, 45008, 45072 are report channels. However, this document says the exact opposite. Is there anyone here who works in medic unit or at a Marin County hospital that can provide some insight?
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    MERA Freescan BCD996XT

    I just received a used Uniden BCD996XT. It did not come with the USB cable so while I have been waiting for that to arrive I have been plugging in frequencies and TGID's into the freescan program. Does anyone have a working MERA freescan file I could take a look at to cross reference my work...
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    Marin County MERA system

    Is there anyone who is familiar with the Marin County MERA system that might be able to give some guidance on the correct programming for a Bearcat scanner? I've tried downloading from the database a very specific and narrow range of Fire/EMS frequencies because that's what I need to monitor...
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    Marin MERA Fire Feed - Is the any interest?

    I've been a lurker for some time. I'm a volunteer firefighter in Marin. When I got my smart phone over a year ago (Blackberry) there was a feed for the Marin MERA channels for fire. Unfortunately it evaporated some time ago. How much interest is there out there for a Marin MERA feed...