1. w2lie

    Not Recording WAV files in Trunking Discovery Mode

    I've noticed that when I have Trunking Discovery Mode setup on the local P25 system, and I compare it to the database, I see hits, but no audio is recorded. When I set the radio not to compare to the database, it is a crap shoot. Sometimes I will see a hit, with the UID/TGID and a WAV file...
  2. ai8o

    Which digi mode will win out in the end????

    I currently see lots of experimentation and discussion about digital voice modes,P25, Mototrbo, NXDN, D-star, etc,etc,etc. I think that a lot of experimenting going on is a good thing. All this experimentation will uncover all the various strengths and weaknesses of the various systems...
  3. B

    Programming a scanner for a repeater

    I have a RadioShack Pro97 scanner. I've been trying to set it up for repeaters. I've put in all of the local frequencies and tones but I get nothing. I'm assuming that the MODE should be CT as that's the only way I can enter a TONE. I don't know what the bank type should be. (i.e. CONV...
  4. P

    BCT15X doubt modulation mode

    When scanning in custom search you can change the default mode or modulation? specifically want to know if I can scan frecc 900,000 in wfm thanks greetings
  5. N2SCV

    ARC 300 and Pro163, Pro-164

    When I download from RR database or enter a frequency manually WITHOUT a pl into ARC 300 it defaults the mode to am. Anyone have a fix for this? Thanks.
  6. R

    New - Need Help w/ Pro 92

    Hi! I am completely new to scanners and radios, although I've always wanted to get involved, and I need some help. I've been trying all day to program this radio. Every time I think I'm inches from the finish, I mess up. I need step by step directions on how to program it. The whole trunking...
  7. C

    FMN Mode?? For Aircraft

    I wanted to listen to the local CDF air ops and noticed that the mode that these frequencies are in are called FMN. What does this mean. My local airport and other aircraft frequencies use AM. My radio shack scanner does not have this mode on it. Would AM work? or is this a special type of...