1. S

    SLR5000 Status Monitoring using a browser

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to monitor our SLR5500 repeater using the browser by typing the repeater IP address; but it is not showing me any information similar to RDAC, I read on the cwh050 Blog that it is possible.
  2. S

    How to monitor a conventional site (SLR5500 repeater) with RDAC software remotely

    Hello everybody! I've been testing the RDAC monitoring software with our SLR5500 repeater; connecting the repeater directly to my PC via the programming cable has no problems and I can add it (local mode) in the software and monitor it as expected, but I'm looking for a way to monitor it...
  3. A

    Stream Uptime Monitoring & Transcoder

    Hey all, A couple years ago I posted my streaming audio encoder here (Rocket Broadcaster), and received a bunch of useful feedback on it which helped me improve it. I'm not sure if this is useful to the amateur radio community, but since then, I've greatly improved the metadata support...
  4. A

    live stream Norwich tower UK Rgds Paul
  5. K

    Decoding P25 NAC

    Hello, As I look around, a straightforward answer does not pop out... What software is needed to display the full metadata from a trunked P25 system signal? (Metrocrest Quad Cities Public Safety Radio System Trunking System, Carrollton, Texas - Scanner Frequencies) Or really..where does one...
  6. N

    monitoring with out a reciever!

    Greetings, I have found a site called where you can SWL without a radio, Its streamed over the web, I use this frequently due to the fact that I am a renter and my landlord is not exactly warm to the idea of me putting up an antenna or three.luckily I can get away with a 2 meter...
  7. E

    encryption is un-necessary

    i have been a radio hobbyist for 30 years. you, as a citizen, need to make your local officials think before they digitize & encrypt everything public employees say on a publicly paid for radio many scanner radio hobbyist listen to public service agencies to gain a sense of community & to be...
  8. del1964

    Iridium Satellite?

    New to satellite "scanning" / "monitoring" and did a little Googl'ing around and found this frequency range for Iridium satellites. Where's the best info out there to monitor/decode/demodulate any of these comms?
  9. del1964

    SDR Sharp P25 Decoding

    SDR Sharp P25 Decoding Plug In
  10. kk4dnl

    New to Air Band Monitoring. Looking for guidance!

    I have a few questions about monitoring the Air Band. These questions are kinda all over the place so I will just list them below. 1) Is their a glossary of AIR jargon so I can understand what some of these acronyms/ lingo mean ? 2) What frequencies should I scan to get the most enjoyment...
  11. S

    Monitoring Otero County, found some freqs

    I will submit these after more monitoring to be sure or to discover what the others are. But till then here is what I figured out. I am pretty sure of the two. By what has been said. But i will follow the week or two monitoring before submitting. I have only a analog old scanner and had to use...
  12. S

    scannerstretch Facebook Page

    Hello I am Stretch the Scanner Guy, and I have started a Facebook Page. I have started discussions about recent events in Sacramento such as the recent Air Show and the Space Shuttle Flyover. It is titled Stretch Parsons but I am trying to change it to Scannerstretch.
  13. D

    Buckley Air Force Base readiness exercise Thursday 3/8 thru Sunday 3/11

    Final dress rehearsal for 140th Wing inspection "This Operational Readiness Exercise is scheduled for March 8-11, and will include frequent sounding of alarms and sirens and increased flying operations, including jets taking off and/or landing as early as 6:45 a.m. and as late as 1:15 a.m."...
  14. A

    Maine DOT monitoring

    If I can get the frequencies would anyone be willing to monitor the Maine DOT and put that on? I would sure like to be able to listen to them on the computer too. Lots of good action on their channel.
  15. pm4hire

    New -- GRE PSR-700 as an airband radio

    As a newby, I'm interested in purchasing a PSR-700 scanner. I like the concept and think this type of radio has the potential to bring many new folks into the radio scanning hobby. My primary interest is in airband monitoring, both commercial and military. My question is: Will the new PSR-700...
  16. U

    Helping law enforcement based on info gathered from scanner

    A hypothetical example: say someone robs a bank, dispatch describes the car and individual, I later look out my window and see the person they're looking for... ... do I call 911 and say "hey I heard you over my police scanner and I see the guy you're looking for." ? Is that frowned upon? Any...
  17. trooperdude

    The summer of LTR...

    Since fire season is off to a slow start, I've decided to dedicate one of my Pro160's to LTR monitoring for the San Francisco Bay Area. So if you have suggestions, or some of that weird IG LTR trunking data, submit it to the database and I'll combine it with my live findings from monitoring the...