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    396XT versus SDS 100

    I live in Montgomery County, PA and listen to police, fire, and ems. I listen to Philly police, fire, and ems as well. I have had a 396XT for several years and still hear a lot from both counties updating it every so often. Maybe I am uninformed, but if I purchased a SDS 100 would I hear a...
  2. S

    Hatfield radio frequencies

    Hi i was wondering if anyone on here knows the frequency that hatfield fire company and colmar fire company operate on. All the ones i found they dont operate on. I know station 12 is on fire ground 3 but i cant find the right frequency for it. The stations are located in montgomery county, PA...
  3. B

    BCT8: BCT8 No "ID SCAN" after firmware update

    BCT8 No "ID SCAN" after firmware update - Montco PA Updated firmware on two BCT8's as per instructions to follow a rebanded mot2 800 system. Now i can not get scanner to ID SCAN. Have tried manually inputting rebanded systems as well as using ARC8 with same results. Although uniden...
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    396XT and Motorola Type II Not Working

    Hello, In the past, I've had great success with programming a P25 system (Fairfax Co, VA). Now I am trying to program Montgomery County, PA's EMS system which is a Motorola Type II. Site Database: Montgomery County PA Trunking System, Various, Pennsylvania - Scanner Frequencies I use...
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    MontCo TGID 17200

    I'm in town for the 26th SWL Fest and I am catching a new TGID on Montgomery County 17200. Sounds like an inquiry/records channels. I am hearing Unit IDs of 3200 series and one RID I caught was 13210. Maybe PD Reg 7 Records?