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    TK-8180 pinout Headset Police Motor Question

    I have a TK-8180 and would like to connect a headset and ptt to my helmet. I have been issued a 2 prong Kenwood hand-held to wired headset and a Sena bluetooth to headset set up for use on the motor with a handheld. This set up is spotty at best as the hand held is sensitive to obstructions and...
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    Motorola Mic Adapter

    I'm just bought a used Kenwood TK-805D for use on the GMRS service (license coming). I would like to adapt the mic to fit a motorcycle headset. I know I can get a Kenwood 2 mini plug cable. Is there a ready-made adapter or am I going to have to make one for a headset? My current headset is a...