1. K

    Radio Mounting Hardware Identification / Recommendation

    I'm trying to mount my President McKinley radio in my 2019 Subaru Ascent. I'd like to mount it in the least destructive way possible while being able to easily remove it. I found the mounting setup in the picture on a Subaru Ascent forum but the guy failed to respond when I asked what hardware...
  2. Omega-TI

    SDS100 Mounting Suggestions for Vehicles

    I'm leaning strongly towards buying the SDS100, but want to "figure out all the angles" before I buy. The first and most important (to me) is how I'm going to mount it in the car with the least amount of wire clutter, and in a location that is easily accessible. So, I'm going to ask you guys...
  3. firechaser97

    I got to get creative lol mobile scanner set up for 18 Malibu

    I have a Uniden bcd996p2 that I want to Install, not sure where, I’ve thought of the side of the console on the passenger side next to the cup holders, but then the comfortability of friends riding with me cane to mind, any ideas?
  4. J

    Distance Between TX and RX Antennas on House?

    Hi All, I'd like to install a dual band base antenna (likely no more than 50W at max output) for reporting in to my Skywarn Net and ragchewing. I'd also like to put up a discone or similar wideband RX antenna for monitoring Aircraft, Marine, RR, etc. I'm assuming I can't put them right...
  5. C

    Removing TV antenna and mounting discone

    Good evening, I am new to mounting antennas to anything higher than pole that I had constructed in my back yard. I recently moved into a house that has an old tower with a TV antenna mounted to the top. I would like to get the old antenna down and mount my Diamond D-130J to the top. It is to...
  6. W

    Installing ID880-H in 2014 Jeep Cherokee

    Before I install my Icom ID880-H into my 2014 Jeep Cherokee, I would like some helpful hints. -Routing the power cable from the battery to the radio location. -mounting the control head using the supplied hardware. -locating the main radio unit nearby away from the main dashboard. -using EMI...
  7. J

    jotto vs troy console interoperability??

    Hi All, Forgive me if this is a simple question but I can't find a good answer. Are jotto consoles and troy consoles for radio equipment in vehicles capable of using each other's face plates? The mfg's websites suggest slightly different widths. I was wondering if I buy one brand, can I use...
  8. L

    Scanner and CDM Mounting

    So i am thinking about mounting a scanner (BCD996XT) and a Moto CDM 1250 in a SpectrumForce Desk Mount. I realize I need to keep the antennas a half wave length apart (at least) and I plan on keeping Close Call off on the scanner to prevent Rx'ing everything I Tx. Any other issues I may run...
  9. S

    Mounting a 102" whip on my F250 question?

    Im currently running a firestik off of a driver side front fender mount of my 1999 Ford F250....decent local strength. My buddy just bought a 102" whip from Radio Shack and we decided to briefly install it where my firestik goes. Bam! I was instantly shooting skip without even trying and I was...
  10. brian86

    PG X2-TDMA & Antenna Choices

    Posted in Wrong Spot Moved to....
  11. C

    Antenna mounting and interference

    I mounted a R.S. 20-176 antenna (which gets rave reviews) just above the roofline and attached the mounting bracket to the back of my “butterfly” uhf TV antenna with the scanner antenna radials only a couple of inches above the T.V antenna.. The scanner antenna now receives worse outside than...