1. EricRF

    MSP Special Event Ops 2

    I'm hearing some interesting chatter on MSP Special Event Ops 2. I don't know what's happening or where, but there are intriguing words like "containment", "the residence", "convoy", "target" and "sniper" being used. Anyone know what's going on?
  2. B

    Michigan State Police Frequencies

    Does anyone know the MSP frequency’s that correspond to the P25 MPSCS Codes for different regions?
  3. W

    Maryland State Police - Calvert County

    Got suspicious about low band being used by MSP in Calvert County when I saw an MSP unit pass me in Prince Frederick the other day and saw no antennas on it longer than 700MHz. I spent the day listening for traffic on 39.280MHz and have heard nothing. It would appear that all of their traffic...
  4. ai8o

    MSP? on Mar 16 156.8Mhz

    I was camping near Mackinac City on July 2,2018. I was listening to the activity on Marine channel 16, 156.8Mhz around 10:30 AM, when all of a sudden I started receiving police dispatch activity. At first I thought I had entered the wrong frequency, but when I looked at the radio display, it...
  5. drdispatch

    MSP Aviation

    A very good article from Professional Pilot Magazine, profiling MSP's Aviation Section: AIRBORNE LAW ENFORCEMENT
  6. Bote

    MSP Maryland State Police tips

    I stopped at the "Bay Country" rest area on US301 and Hayden Rd/MD834 on the Eastern Shore yesterday morning and heard an MSP unit talking to another directly on the McHenry low band channel 39.08 MHz This is remarkable because 1) this was pretty much as far from Garrett County as you can get...
  7. K

    Possibly bank robbery

    Listening to State Police Metro Post 21: North Dispatch... Possible bank robbery, not sure on location. But, there's talk of finding money near a fence line, and they're in clear frequency mode. Which means, everyone shut up, till we catch these guys. Might be on the news tonight.
  8. T

    MSP Troop B

    I listen on a BC80XLT from Chicopee and hear the 854.0375 loud and clear, as well as the Chicopee PD at 851.5625. However when I'm on Upper State Street in Springfield I can't hear either. Is the 800MHZ just a lot weaker than say the 460.100? Or do I need an 800MHZ antenna?
  9. crackerjack069

    MSP Radio system

    The State radio Tech's are doing the rebanding upgrade to the 800mhz system now threw 0200 4/18/12. The system is expected to be in "SITE TRUNK" off and on in that time.
  10. scanningman

    Code Adam on MSP channel...

    Was just listening to the scanner and heard "code adam" on the msp channel. I assume it actually means code a, but anyways, does anyone know what this means? The officer responded "code adam positive" and really made me curious.
  11. A

    Visiting Lansing: What TG's for MSP do i program?

    Hi all, I will be coming up to Lansing to visit family and i want to know what control frequencies do i put in my xts2500 to listen to MSP in lansing? I see in the data base, Lansing is district 1 for MSP... If I'm not mistaking... thanks, Alex
  12. S

    port huron/st. clair co help

    Hi all: I'm traveling from southern Ontario [Canada] to Chicago later this week via Port Huron. We're actually spending the night in p.h. I'm wondering: 1. is msp troop 24 responsible for the st. Clair county area? I'm actually blind and not able to look at the maps. If so, what unit numbers...