1. marksroberson

    Alabama Power Company Radios

    I found and purchased 3 Motorola MT1000 radios on Ebay (<<Ebay Link) the other day. They grabbed my attention because the faces on the radios say: ALA.PWR.CO. on all of them 2 of the 3 have KA83052 Engraved in them (along with what I assume are unit numbers or asset IDs like ED46, ED7, and...
  2. T

    Programming Radios

    Is there anyone out there who can reprogram the following radios: ***HT600 Aprox 12 radios ***MT1000 Aprox 14 radios -Must be able to use "Hex Editor" too program out of band. ***STX821 Aprox 1 radio Please be at a low cost! We are a non-profit organization with very low funding. If...
  3. centuryvrproductions

    MT1000 out of band HELP

    I Have a repeater i setup and it is on vhf band. i have 2 vhf MT1000 and 2 UHF MT1000's. I Need to program the UHF radios to VHF. I have all programming cables and RSS. How is this done? Any information would be helpful.
  4. A

    Help! MT1000 Squelch Stuck.

    I have a Moto MT1000 Vhf Low band 99ch Model H41GCJ7130AN. All was well after programming, then the squelch stuck open. It will still TX and RX fine but the static remains between. I had the squelch settings readjusted, but to no avail. I can find almost no information on this radio. Any ideas?
  5. Northerner71

    Lost!! Mt1000

    I have a MT 1000 and do not know what to do with it. I was wondering if I could reprogram it to monitor Fleetnet control channel, so I could use it to just to run trunk88 or unitrunker. It is a MT1000 with the keypad on the front, it is VHF and is programmed for 153.080 right now. I have no...