1. T

    NYC Transit Authority

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of programming a MTS 2000 i have for the New York City Transit Authority system. I would be doing this for the next time I take a trip to NYC. Does anyone know if the info in the database is still current for this system. Also, what kind things are discussed on this...
  2. T

    MTS 2000 Belt Clip Broke

    Hey, Yesterday I had the Belt Clip part snapped off the battery and broke the plastic that holds the belt clip. what are my options.
  3. wsvjr

    MTS 2000 Question

    This may be the wrong place if so feel free to move it. I have a couple of MTS2000 UHF radios and I was wondering if there is any frequencies they could be programmed to that do not require a FCC license? I realize the answer is probably no but I just want to make sure.
  4. J

    total noob with MTS-2000 and camnis HSC-010 scanner

    Hey everyone, obviously first post so this is the place it goes. My first question is how do i PM another member? Do i need a higher post count or something because i saw a post from another member about having a user manual for a motorola MTS-2000 and to PM him but the only option i had was to...