1. B

    Erorr on MCX 838

    Hi I have a motorola mcx 838 that when i start up on th screen it says FL 01 92 anyones know what it means? thanks
  2. operator219

    MTS-2000 Expert Knowledge Needed

    Hello, please excuse my lack of knowledge. I run a security company and we operate nationwide and have many different types of places,conditions,environments we operate in. I have been looking into cost effective durable user friendly radios and really like the MTS-2000. We rent repeaters...
  3. C

    Motorola MTS 2000 Model III Programing Issue

    Hi there, I'm having a bit of trouble programing my MTS2000 Flashport I've tried using DOS RSS and it shows an error trying to connect and when i use Windows Based CPS R01.13.00 and R02.00.01 and it says code-plug too new for this application, as far as i know the code plug version is 15...