1. L

    NASA needs some help designing new Gateway and Lunar Lander Spacecraft!

    Hey folks. I'm a total newbie in this community and I apologize if this isn't the proper forum for this post - please feel free to move it or let me know where I should put it if it is out of place. In short, over at NASA Johnson Space Center (in Houston), we are having trouble finding folks...
  2. H

    BigWhoop is a finalist for the NASA Global People’s Choice Award! (spectrum monitor)

    The NASA Space Apps Stuttgart 2015 Hackathon winner BigWhoop is a finalist for the NASA Global People’s Choice Award! The NASA Space Application Challenge 2015: one hackathon weekend, 133 cities around the world, 949 projects, and our BigWhoop project is among the final 15 for the global...
  3. D

    Apollo 13 Movie - Receiver

    I just watched Apollo 13 and noticed that in the scene where Jim Lovell's wife is in her bedroom she is listening to NASA communications on what appears to be a "NASA" receiver of some sort. I'm just wondering. Was this a legitimate device or a movie prop to bump up the drama? If it IS real...
  4. shortbus91

    Range of code

    hello all just had a idea. is there such a site you can enter your info such as zip code and it will pull up all the Frequceys that you could get in your city. OR is there a site that can punch in the code and see how far/reach that given one has. ? my 2nd ?s is what about airplanes what is...