1. A

    Nashua Fire Dispatch TG

    Was mindlessly monitoring Nashua earlier and heard them dispatch a motor vehicle accident with fire on talk group 2079 which is labeled in the db as "EMS Tac 7". I wasn't quick enough to switch over to the Fire Dispatch talk group (2049) so I'm unsure if they were simulcasting. Anyone have any...
  2. NFR85

    Nashua,NH 151.2500 Phased out?

    Since 26th of June I've noticed that Nashua is not using 151.2500 to tone out fire apparatus. They are using 853.4500 as the new channel. I cannot confirm if it's permanent or temporarily.
  3. NFR85

    Bcd996t vs bcd96xt

    I live in Nashua NH and everything is digital and Rebanding. I currently own a 996T and I cannot program the talk group IDS. I remember posting here awhile back and someone told me that the 996T will not expect the Talk group IDS because of the Rebanding and I would need the 996T. I would like...
  4. NFR85

    Nashua AMR Freq

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. AMR will be taking over Rockingham Ambulance and Nashua Fire Alarm dispatches out Rockingham. I'm not sure if they will be doing the same for AMR for Nashua. If they don't can anyone tell me what frequency they may use? Thank You
  5. NFR85

    Nashua NH Feed Offline

    I'm not sure if this is the right form or not but the feed has been offline since July 14th, (10 days) Was wondering if anyone knew why? I'll try sending the person a message but looks like on the Feed alot of people were asking why its offline but nobody answered.
  6. E

    Radio Preceding Tone

    Can somebody tell me about the preceding tone I hear on the Motorola Radios used by Nashua Fire? I understand that when a user presses the PTT button a 3 beep tone it emitted by THEIR radio as part of the trunked system letting the user know that the system has recognized the radio, processed...
  7. E


    Does anyone know when Nashua will reband. If there is any way to find out when before it actually happens I would love to know. I just don't want to realize one day that they suddenly switched frequencies, if possible I want to be prepared for it.