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    POSTING ABOUT WLN KD-UV1 SOFTWARE PROGRAM PROBLEMS RESULTING IN NO DATA READ OR WRITTEN The software always show WRONG PASSWORD, WRONG MODEL, HANDSHAKE FAILED, even when the user has everything connected properly and radio is turned on at 100% volume when using the program and in a channel with...
  2. J

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: BCD436HP

    Hi when I attempt to quick save a TGID I click “yes” and then it says “over limit press any key”. How do I fix this?
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    New here! Had a couple questions.

    So to start off my name is Swasp and I'm new to this forum and I wanted to ask a couple of questions related to radios and things similar. So I understand that using certain low frequency radios requires a licence and I wanted to know how do you obtain one? Second question: If I wanted to...
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    Need help with West Bloomfield Fire Department frequency

    Hi guys, I have problem with West Bloomfield Fire Department frequency. I Programmed my uniden BCD436HP and wouxun KG-UV8D radio with frequency that i found from radioreference database. but the problem i have is i can't hear anything except Dispatch. I checked my frequency and Tone but i can't...
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    Need help: Can't hear any thing on UHF 424.1750

    Hi everyone, i have problem with my Fire Department radio I'm living in West Bloomfield and they are using 424.175 frequency with 100.0 PL Tone which i found from radioreference database. i programmed my uniden and wouxan with that frequency and tone but the problem i have is i can't hear...
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    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Need Help

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my Fire Department frequency I'm living in West Bloomfield, MI. I wanna listen to Fire Department radio, but the problem i have is i can't hear any thing except Dispatch on West Bloomfield Fire frequency, i programmed my uniden BCD436HP and also wouxun dual band. I...
  7. NFR85

    New USB Sound Card Suggestions

    I've been using Sound Blaster Go Pro for awhile and would like to improve the sound quality. I've looked at almost all the USB Sound Cards and the reviews are not the greatest. If you listen to my here is the Manchester Police you can hear a background hiss. Would that be the Sound Blaster USB...
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    Please Help.. I Just bought a Uniden HomePatrol Police Scanner

    I just bought a Uniden HomePatrol Police Scanner on amazon, witch came with a antenna and sd card and charger, When hitting in my Zip Code or City it doesnt find it, and even when it finds cities by me there is no sound, I tried Chicago/Oakland and havent heard one dispatcher, Please Help...
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    Need Help Re: Uniden BC346XTC Handheld Scanner

    I purchased the above scanner for my dad for Christmas. I had the gentleman in the store programme the scanner for me for the police, fire department and emergency services. When I picked it up he told me all I had to do was turn it on and it would automatically start to scan. He did say...
  10. K

    stl-metro 396xt newbie

    Hi. I'm a bit timid when it comes to posting, after reading through many RR posts people here seem exceptionally friendly...hence this (first post). I purchased a 396xt after the last round of severe weather and a weekend not long ago where there were (according to the local news) 17 shootings...
  11. D

    Witch scanner should I buy

    I live in Salt Lake City. Witch would be the best uniden scanner for my area? The BC346XT or the BCD396XT?
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    pro 197 newbie has more questions

    Ok I have got what I wanted programmed into scanner using Butel. The problem is I'm not hearing anything except State Police from Versailles, nothing from Switzerland county? Also on the scanners led should it read pri or PRI & what is the difference between the two? Also what does pid at top...