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  1. JamesPrine


    Lately, I've been receiving NOPD Channel 3 (Third and Seventh Districts) plus the Traffic 1 Channel quite clearly from my base near Ponchatoula, across the Lake. This is highly unusual and I'm very happy to receive the traffic. Only started receiving NOPD traffic this week though I've scanned...
  2. M

    Katrina scanner chatter in NOLA

    I'm trying to find recordings of scanner chatter during Hurricane Katrina and the weeks after, in and around New Orleans --- Orleans Parish, Jefferson Parish in particular. Given the poor to non-existent emergency communications systems at the time due to the storm and flooding I know this is...
  3. JamesPrine

    Orleans Levee District Police Department

    Hello everyone... I'm interested in monitoring the activities of the Orleans Levee District Police Department, but can find no reference whatsoever to them in the RR database. For that matter, I cannot find any frequency information for the Westwego or Harahan police departments, either; I...
  4. jerry092975

    New orleans live on bourbon street

    Bourbon Street Cam -