1. K

    NFL Superbowl 50

    Since this big event is coming up, I wanted to start this thread and make it a sticky so we can post all things COMMUNICATIONS related to it here. Levi Stadium System: Levi's Stadium Trunking System, Santa Clara, California - Scanner Frequencies NFL Temp license freqs for Superbowl...
  2. 2

    Super Bowl 50 flyover and combat air patrol

    Does anybody know which, if any military unit will be performing the flyover for Super Bowl 50? What about the combat air patrol during the game? My best guess for the combat air patrol would be the 144th Fighter Wing out of Fresno, since they are closest, but I haven't got anything to confirm...
  3. mark40

    Coach to Coach Headset issues at Pats vs Steelers game

    Steelers Coach Tomlin’s says his staff was picking up the Patriots’ radio broadcast for the majority of the first half over their coach to coach headsets. What would cause the radio broadcast to be received on the Steelers headsets? NFL claims the interference was caused “by a stadium power...
  4. C

    Cowboys Stadium

    Anyone have info about communications at the new Cowboys Stadium? I found a trunked license which is located at the stadium site: Clear Call Communications WQGI470 YG: Industrial/Business Pool, Trunked <br/> * 451.2875 FB6 * 451.4875 FB6 * 451.7875 FB6 * 451.8875 FB6 *...