norfolk southern

  1. KE8HBL

    Newbie here with a newbie question

    Hey all, I was trying to find local railroad frequencies for Findlay, but RR doesn't seem to list any. I proceeded to check Digital Radio Search, but after typing them into one of my scanners, I couldn't even anything, digital or otherwise. Am I just being dumb here? Or is there truly nothing in...
  2. 1977addis

    Railroad radio repeater networks QUESTION

    I have a question regarding listening to train crews from afar. So I’ve been a railfan for years now, I have good commercial/ ham gear to listen and I understand that dispatchers talk to the crews on the rails via Microwave but I’ve always wondered why I can’t hear the train crews from long...
  3. N

    Norfolk Southern Pokey District Repeaters

    A friend told me a few days ago Norfolk Southern has a few repeaters set up along the Pocahontas District with all the mountainous terrain. Can anyone shed some light on that?
  4. ai8o

    161.535 in Davie Co NC

    NS has three transmitters licensed on this frequency in Davie County NC. Two in Mocksville and one in Advance. The next nearest licensed 161.535 transmitter sites are over 100 miles away ,and are not on the "L" line. I have not heard any transmissions on this frequency. I do hear switching...
  5. sean_kd4adv

    Norfolk Southern engines in South Boston, VA

    Took this in South Boston, VA last Sunday using my Nikon S570 Digital camera. 3 GP38-2s with a couple of tanks. Units 5098, 3216, and 5825