1. p25man123

    Des Plaines Interested Of Joining DU-COMM Or ACDC In The Near Future

    This may be old news couple months ago around September, but this is very surprising to me that a City outside of DuPage County boundary is considered joining one of the main Consolidated Dispatch Centers which also includes ACDC as well. Wheeling has decided to go their own ways without Des...
  2. A

    Programming Pro-96 w/ Northwest Central Dispatch

    I am trying to program my Pro-96 for Northwest Central Dispatched Trunked 800 system, but cannot seem to get it working. I have programmed a 2096 successfully before, but this one has me stumped. I used Win96 and even downloaded the data off of RR website, but I am not getting anything...
  3. D

    Northwest Central Dispatch Programming Issue

    Hey Guys I just programmed my Uniden BCD 996t for Northwest Central Dispatch using the following programming, but the transmissions are interrupted every 2 seconds or so for a brief silence then I hear the transmission again. It never leaves the TGID, the voice just cuts out, every time. I...