1. D

    Albany County P25 and NYSP

    I have recently been listening to the NYSP talkgroups on the Albany County P25 system and have not heard any action. I have also tried listening to the analog frequencies for troop G but also had no luck hearing anything. Is anybody else monitoring these frequencies/talkgroups and do you hear...
  2. T

    NYSP Troop T Identifiers

    Morning! I've been listening in on the Thruway A channel for NYSP Troop T, Zone 1 lately, and most of the 7-series units (which sound like State Police units) identify with four-digit IDs, normally in the format 71xx. However, when I look at Zone 1 vehicles for the blue number under the right...
  3. A

    NYSP car

    Hello, just seeing if anybody has any insight on what the unit “2H76” can be, been seeing it around me every once and a while and never seen it before, tried to do some research and found almost nothing.
  4. B

    Listening to nysp on a scanner please help me

    Idk WTF is wrong with my scanner! Yes i have a P25 Phase 1&2 capable scanner. I can't seem to get a goddamn PEEP out of it from the NYS Metro-25 system. Not even from the MTA PD talkgroups or NYC Sheriffs. I've tried many combos of setup in the EZScan programmig software (i have a PSR-800)...
  5. Danny37

    NYSP Large Presence In NYC

    Anyone know why there seems to be a larger presence of state police in NYC, most notably in upper Manhattan and the Bronx? Talked to a cop friend of mines and he said they don't get along with the NYPD. Also do they use their own state Troop talk group or do they have access to the NYPD system?
  6. Mtnrider

    NYSP adding repeat functionality

    New York State Police VHF Radio System Zone Repeat Plan Justification for an Extended Implementation Period Pursuant to 47CFR§90.629 New York State Police respectfully request extended implementation period of five (5) years for constructing and placing our proposed repeated system in...
  7. GTR8000

    NYSP Troop F Haverstraw update

    As of 0900 hrs this morning, SP Haverstraw units (Palisades Interstate Parkway) are now dispatched by Rockland County 911 "Headquarters" on 154.725 (151.4 PL). They will eventually operate on their own talkgroup on the Rockland County Public Safety Communications System, once they have that...
  8. GTR8000

    Mobile Life Support Services no longer providing Lifeguard medevac service

    Effective April 30th, MLSS will no longer provide flight medics for the Lifeguard helicopters out of Orange County. It's not clear yet what, if anything, the NYSP will do with the program going forward. https://www.facebook.com/MobileLifeSupport/posts/329636300472965
  9. Mtnrider

    NYSP 800's

    I for the life of me cant find the 800 mhz someone posted the mobil repeater ones and some others.... updating my scanner anyone have them...thanks in advance
  10. MegaHertz315

    NY State Police 800 MHz Event Channels

    OK... I "might" have the puzzle all together now on the New York State Police 800 MHz event frequencies. With a little help from monitoring the conventional repeaters at the State Fair this year, and in 2003 & 2005 (2004 & 2006 - 2008 were trunked), I was able to put this list together...