ocean county

  1. C

    What is up with Lavallette Police in Ocean County?

    Recently, Lavallette Police started transmitting (on a regular interval) what sounds to be a digital station identifier. Has anyone else heard it? What's up? I also heard that Lavallette is switching over to a brand new radio system - police, fire and ambulance - when they finish the move into...
  2. C

    Homepatrol Programing Ocean County

    I am looking for some help with programming my Uniden HomePatrol for Ocean County Trunking. I have added the system to the scanner yet I receive no talk on the talk groups in police fire or EMS. Can someone help, I thought it was an issue with services selection but they seem to be OK. Any...
  3. S

    Working Fire - Toms River

    1255 N. Maple Avenue. Working fire in a large wood frame residential structure. County Coordinator dispatched. Mutual aid to scene and for cover. Operations going defensive.
  4. J

    451.7000MHz in ocean county

    anyone know what service 451.7000MHz is? From listening to it it sounds like a transport/taxi/tow company. The repeater has a long hold time, after someone unkeys, it will hold (dead key) for 3 to 5 sec then there is a strange tone as the repeater stops transmitting. the same noise is heard...
  5. S

    Structure Fire in Toms River

    194 Musk Flower Court - two condo units are fully involved. FD on scene. Fire spread to 3rd unit has been stopped. Now concentrating on involved units. No report of victims at this time. Mutual aid to scene an for station cover.
  6. MotoMoMo

    What are my options for scanning Ocean County?

    Hi Guy, Long time listener, first time call you can say. It has been years since I owned a scanner and from what I read the game has changed. I am interested in getting a new scanner but not sure where to start. I used to enjoy listening to Brick Pd but from what I hear they are now encripted...
  7. L

    Pro-97 skips out

    My pro 97 will skip out enough to be annoying, especially when I am trying to hear an address and i'll only get part of the information. I might have it set incorrectly because my friend has a very basic RS scanner, I placed them side by side and when a call came through every few seconds mine...