old scanner

  1. screenersam

    Antenna Hack for BC140

    Friend of mine was cleaning out garage and gifted me a BC140 no antenna The unit has the same mutant antenna plug as a car radio (think its called a Motorola plug?) I got ahold of a 'Marine Antenna', the plug and some wire basically. scrounged an old AM/FM antenna from my junk box and a piece...
  2. R

    old uniden bearcat 800xlt

    i happen to have an old uniden bearcat 800xlt scanner. i tried looking for a manual and any place that had it is either a dead site or a site u have to sign up for. i wanted to know how to use the search function on the scanner. when i have the scanner in manual mode and i press search i get...
  3. A

    Bearcat 220 Scanner Help

    I have just obtained a really old scanner. It is the Bearcat 220. I bought this scanner from a thrift shop thinking that it wouldn't work, but would be a really cool collectable. I plugged it in and to my surprise it made static noise. I have been reading, but cannot find enough information. I...
  4. rjvalenta

    what's left in St. Louis conventional frequencies?

    i've been waging the reception war with SLATER here in Kirkwood, and in that the best solution i've found to my reception issues is to turn my squelch ALL the way down. now i'm only listening to trunked on my two main boxes... and i started to wonder, what's left in the conventional...
  5. radioskip1

    BEARCAT 100 Model (circa 1985) Help

    I've searched for info on my Bearcat 100 model, 16 channel programmable, portable scanner and can't find much. I need to know what AC adapter it came with. Currently it's operating on 6 AA NiMH installed in two tubes placed inside the metal case. The 25-year-old model has a "Caution" beside the...