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    cb station on mobile feedback

    Hy guys, In order to help the CB community all over I have built an application that acts as a CB but over the internet(for now). It uses real-time connections and live streaming and with the purpose to act as a regular CB station. Can you help me with a feedback and tell me what do you guys...
  2. K

    Delta County live feed anywhere?

    Can anyone tell me where Delta County, Delta Police, Fire and EMS - Live Audio Feed online can be found, please? Thank you.
  3. C

    HELP - Feed Offline/Feed Online emails

    I am getting automated emails stating my feed is offline, probably 20 a day. Then, within a few minutes I receive another stating the feed in back online after I have made no changes or even been in the office to touch the computer. Feed was working fine up until a few days ago when we had a...
  4. S

    Lander County LIVE FEED now broadcasting 24/7

    I hope you all enjoy my LANDER COUNTY, AUSTIN, BATTLE MOUNTAIN, police, fire, EMS, and highway patrol live scanner online.
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    New Users * Mobile Phone Stuff

    F.N.G. (campbellts) here looking for help/support/info etc related to live feed scanning on mobile cell phones. Im using a zte android 3g. Seems the Adobe flash player is NOT supported on this make/model. Any workarounds out there? Im using a gordon edwards scanner/player that is working...
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    W8OAK- Oakland County Skywarn

    Hi everyone, new here. I have a quick question. My family and I are currently in the process of moving, and thus have packed away all of my scanners already, thinking that there wouldn't be any significant weather to worry about. Now look at tomorrow. Now to my question, I have looked everywhere...
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    Run 2 Online Feeds from 1 Computer, Possible?

    Ok, So I am good with computer (Work part time as a Tech) but I just dont know if this is possible. I want to run 2 Online feeds off of 1 computer, MABAS 7 and ICOMM (IL) but dont know much about audio inputs on computers. I have not ever messed around much with audio on a computer, I just fix...